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Please make sure to vote in our current State Council Election that is being run by the California Teachers Association Elections Committee. These positions in now in a multiple electoral district which includes The Associated Chaffey Teachers and The Ontario Montclair Teachers Association. Positions open on this ballot:

*State Council Rep

*Alternate State Council Rep

You may vote for up to three candidates

The voting begins today, so please check your personal email for the email from The California Teachers Association that arrived Wednesday sometime after 8 AM.

Voting ends at 4:00pm on Friday May 24, 2024.



Chekesha George

Member Associated Chaffey Teachers

Candidate Statement:

My name is Chekesha George and I am running to be your State Council Rep. I am a leader who will serve with integrity and determination to ensure that ALL voices are represented.

Please support my candidacy to become your next State Council Rep.


MaryKay Scheid

Member Ontario Montclair Teachers’ Association

Candidate Statement:

Current Delegate & Vice Chair of Retirement. Past President & bargaining chair. A voice for others, advocating for issues such as equitable pregnancy leave and your retirement security. Please vote MaryKay so I can continue to serve! Thank you.

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     ACT President

     ACT Secretary

     ACT Director at Large

     ACT Campus Directors

     ACT Campus Representatives

     NEA Representative Assembly Delegates


January 15, 2025
     Announcement of upcoming election and declaration of candidacy forms available

January 30, 2025
     4:00 p.m. – Deadline for returning declaration of candidacy forms to ACT Office

January 30, 2025
     4:00 p.m. – Last day to request paper ballot

January 30 – February 26, 2025
     Preparation of online voting/ballots        

February 7, 2025
     Campaign material due

March 17th – 21th, 2025
     Election – Voting will be open online from: Monday Mar. 17th at 8 a.m. until Fri. Mar. 21th at 4p.m.

March 24, 2025
     Ballots certified/counted by Elections Committee

March 24, 2025
     Candidates notified of results

March 24 – April 11, 2025
     Preparation of online voting/run-off ballots, if necessary.    

April 8, 2025
     4:00 p.m. – Deadline for filing a challenge to the election with an ACT Officer not on the ballot and the Elections Chair.      

April 14 – 18, 2025
     Run-off election, if necessary.

April 21, 2025
     allots for the run-off certified/counted by Election Committee, if necessary.

April 21, 2025
     Candidates and members notified of run-off election results.

May 6, 2025
     4:00pm – Deadline for filing a challenge to the run-off election with an ACT Officer not on the ballot and the Elections Chair.

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